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Why learn French ?

- Proficiency in French brings opportunities to study at renowned French universities,which are ranked among the top higher education institutions in the world.

-- French is the language of international relations.It is the official language of the UN,the European Union,UNESCO,NATO,the international Red Cross and international courts.

- Learning French will give you a good start if you are keen on learning other romance languages,especially Spanish,Italian,Portuguese and so on.



Soin Dominic

The best French language school in Trivandrum for Canada migration applicants. The DELF classes are the best at Le Maple.

Shilpa Sara Thomas

For Canada migration aspirants this is the best place to learn french.

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Do you provide the learning materials for free or do I have to buy them ?
We provide PDF copies of the prescribed books for your level. Further, it is possible for us to share additional learning resources if you want.
Do you offer trial classes for new students ?
Sure. We can arrange for a few trial classes for a nominal fee if you would like to try us out before joining.
There are so many foreign language education institutes in Kerala which offer French language training. Why should I choose Le Maple Academy ?
At Le Maple we are all about providing quality education. We make sure that our students get value for their money. Second of all,each student is important to us. You get all the individual attention you need to learn a new language. Finally, the classes are taught by expert trainers who have years of relevant experience.
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