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French TEF exam coaching class Cochin

The Test d'évaluation du français (TEF) is a test of fluency in French for non-native speakers. It is awarded by the CCIP. It is often required to be admitted into universities and is recognized by the Federal government of Canada as a proof of fluency in immigration procedures. The test is made up of three mandatory and two optional sections. The reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary sections are mandatory and must be taken together, while the writing and speaking sections are optional and can be taken separately.

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Sheril Denny

Le maple french academy in Trivandrum is the best French language classes for beginners and advanced learners. Tailor made courses as well as personal attention till examination day. No matter what little French you know when you start the teachers go the extra mile to see that you become proficient in the language. I have already recommended this language school to all my friends migrating to Canada.

Divya Jose

For those who think that French is hard Le Maple is a game changer. You can learn French as naturally as you have learnt your native language at Le Maple.

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Do I need any prior knowledge of French to do the DELF course ?
No. You do not need any prior knowledge of French to enroll in the DELF A1 course as it is meant for total beginners.
Is French an easy language to learn ?
Of course it should be easy for you to learn French if you have any basic knowledge of English.English and French share the same alphabet, have similar grammatical structures and have several words in common.
How long will it take for me to speak fluent French ?
By the end of the beginner's course you should be able to communicate in French in your everyday life. However, it will be a good idea for you to learn the language upto B1 to gain fluency.
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